Samsung A52s – A Poor Phone


The Samsung A52s is a high-end Android-based smartphone manufactured and released by Samsung Electronics as part of its new Galaxy A series. The phone is slated to be launched on 17 March 2021 at Samsung’s official Awesome Unpacked event. Since it’s part of the A series, the phone is compatible with all the usual features of any Samsung smartphone. However, the A52s goes a step further by offering many unique features and functions to a consumer market that has been craving for something a little more. In this article we’ll take a look at some of these unique features and how easy it is to buy Samsung A52s smartphones. samsung a52s

One of the best things about the Samsung A52s is the fact that it has a two-button home key on its capacitive Android keypad. This is the first smartphone from Samsung that offers this feature. This allows a user to quickly go into the user interface and access all the options and settings. With a quick tap, the phone instantly gets connected to a Tentimes Global network or one’s own local T1 carrier. From here, a user can get directions, search for local businesses, check for internet signals or even dialup.

Another unique function of the Samsung A52s is the device’s ability to act as an air mouse for users in an air conditioned environment. While the Samsung A52s does not technically have an internal mechanism for detecting pressure, a sensor is installed on the bottom back side of the phone. When pressed, this causes the Samsung A52s to vibrate, similar to an air mouse, which then activates the on-screen buttons, accesses the dialpad and brings up all the menus and applications the phone has collected. The ability to use this as a window and works just like a real mouse make this a great feature.

The Samsung A52s comes with either a single gigabyte or double gigabyte of storage space and both come formatted in either FAT or FAT32. Like many other devices, the Samsung A52s comes pre-installed with various popular applications including Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger and Earthview. Many of these are free downloads, but many of them will require the user to purchase a license before downloading them. These include Angry Birds, Skype, YouTube and Viber.

Despite having a large battery, the phone lasted just five and a half hours on the whole. This is largely dependent upon how users use the phone. The Samsung A52s user has the option of allowing more room in the battery, but we found that while the phone lasted longer during normal usage, it often drained the battery very quickly if the user wasn’t careful.

One of the worst features on this device is the slow performance of the phone. The Samsung A52s took an extremely long time to load up in many instances, and this was even when we went with the manual data backup. While the device was quick to respond to certain commands, the response time when performing multiple tasks was extremely slow. The time spent on the phone was far below the average for our testing and this definitely negatively impacts how well this phone performs. The battery life was also extremely poor and users who need a lot of storage for a daily or professional grade program may find this phone best suited for a corporate office environment.

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